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Pentti Lasanen
Big Swing

The perfect big band sound with nine players

The grand and warm big band sound pleases most friends of good music. Who wouldn’t remember the legendary ensembles with Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller or Harry James.

However the grandeur of  big band sound can be achieved with a smaller ensemble providing they have an expert conductor who understands how to conjure up the sounds.

The famous top-class arranger Pentti Lasanen stands behind the soundscape of Big Swing. Close your eyes and you can hear a full big band playing.  Open your eyes and you see four saxophones, a trumpet, a trombone and a three-men rhythm section. You see Big Swing, an ensemble that brings a breath from the golden age of big bands.

Besides pieces from the golden age, Big Swing plays also other music genres of the era such as tango, latin music, Bill Haley and rock’n’roll in Elvis’ style. If needed we hire a singer and Pentti Lasanen will arrange any music you wish for this ensemble.


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